My Top 20 Electronic and Dance Records of 2018


In alphabetical order:

Alessandro Adriani – He Who Harnesses the Souls

Altin Gün – Cemalin

Assailants – Effort 7

Bo’ vel – Check 4 U (re-release of 1996 recording)

Claude – Future

Marie Davidson – Burn Me

DJ Oil – Heritage

Dwart – Taipei Disco

Factory Floor – Wonder

Giant Swan – The Rest of His Voice

Catherine Christer Hennix – The Well-tuned Marimba (re-release of 1976 recording)

KWC 92 – Night Drive (re-release of 2013 recording)

Love Hrtz – Classic Case

Mint Field – Quiero Otono de Nuevo

Doris Norton – Warszawar (re-issue of 1983 album)

Oneohtrix Point Never – Last Known Image of a Song

Paranoid London – The Boombox Affair

Talking Drums – Courage (re-release of 1982 album)

Gloria Ann Taylor – Deep Inside of You (re-issue of 1973 recording)

Throwing Snow – Simmer

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