My Top 10 Punk and Post-punk Songs of 2018


In Alphabetical Order:

Bruised – Psychic Stain (Digital-only release)

Hairband – Bubble Sword

Helter Skelter – I Need You (Re-release of 1971 single)

Thurston Moore – MX Liberty

Pentas – Safety Blanket (Digital-only release)

P.M.S. – Cocaine Cunt

Public Practice – Fate/Glory

Shame – One Rizla

Squid – The Dial

Well Yells – Crawl (Cassette-only release)




My Top 20 Electronic and Dance Records of 2018


In alphabetical order:

Alessandro Adriani – He Who Harnesses the Souls

Altin Gün – Cemalin

Assailants – Effort 7

Bo’ vel – Check 4 U (re-release of 1996 recording)

Claude – Future

Marie Davidson – Burn Me

DJ Oil – Heritage

Dwart – Taipei Disco

Factory Floor – Wonder

Giant Swan – The Rest of His Voice

Catherine Christer Hennix – The Well-tuned Marimba (re-release of 1976 recording)

KWC 92 – Night Drive (re-release of 2013 recording)

Love Hrtz – Classic Case

Mint Field – Quiero Otono de Nuevo

Doris Norton – Warszawar (re-issue of 1983 album)

Oneohtrix Point Never – Last Known Image of a Song

Paranoid London – The Boombox Affair

Talking Drums – Courage (re-release of 1982 album)

Gloria Ann Taylor – Deep Inside of You (re-issue of 1973 recording)

Throwing Snow – Simmer

My Top 10 Punk Records of 2017

Every year always brings a clutch of interesting punk releases, and 2017 was no different. I’ve listed the ten best punk records that I heard in 2017, but realise that there were undoubtedly a number that slipped through the net. I would therefore be happy for any suggestions from readers as to other 2017 punk records that I should look out for. It’s a mixed list, in the sense that there are a few styles of punk music represented in the selections, ranging from hardcore punk, to 60s garage punk, to post-punk, to trap-punk. It’s also mixed in the sense that it’s a fairly international representation of artists, including Americans, British, Lebanese, Spanish and Norwegian performers. It also ranges from the much-hyped to the truly obscure. Indeed, some of these releases are cassette-only releases in very small numbers, so if you like them, I would hurry up and track them down before they become difficult to find, and ludicrously expensive. Anyway, I hope you enjoy them. (The records are listed alphabetically, according to the artists’ name):

  1. Barcelona – Los Astrados


Ear-bleeding hardcore, sung by someone who sounds like a Mexican serial killer. Unsettling sound and sleeve.

2. The Creation Factory – Let Me Go


Obsessive copiers of the 60s garage punk sound and aesthetic. (The Chesterfields and The Thanes come to mind quickly).

3. Flat Worms – Petulance


New band featuring members with strong ties to Sic Alps, Ty Seagall, and Thee Oh Sees. A bit like a 1970s punk 7″ covered by Pavement.

4. Girls in Synthesis – Suburban Hell


Post-punkish noise merchants on the Blank Editions label. A bit of Swell Maps in there.

5. Haram – Blood


A 1983-ish, Dead Kennedys hardcore sound. Sung in Lebanese Arabic.

6. Ho99o9 – City Rejects


Lots of hype about these guys, and with some justification. This is off the album. Trap  (hip-hop’s even angrier cousin) mixed with punk.

7. Italia 90 – Competition


Art / post-punk. Cassette-only release. (They’ve obviously listened to a few Wire records).

8. Krimewatch – 小便 たれ 


The title means “Pissed” in Japanese. Great hardcore punk.

9. Nekra – Sisters of the Yam


More female-fronted hardcore. Cassette-only release.

10. Purple X – Awaken


Unsettling, tempo-changing hardcore from Norway. Just manages to stay the right side of the punk/metal divide. Cassette-only release.

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