#30 Pylon – Gravity (1980)




Formed initially in 1978, and with a liking for Talking Heads, these guys produced an early-80s American punk funk sound in the vein of Liquid Liquid, Bush Tetras, ESG, Konk, and others, which you could actually dance to. This propulsive, angular, but rhythmic, sound was in stark contrast to the unstructured dissonance of the short-lived so-called No Wave movement, which had immediately followed the American punk explosion of 1976-78. This track , Gravity, was from their 1980 debut album, Gyrate, (they went on to record only two more), which was only recognised as a classic years later. Despite failing to come anywhere near matching the commercial success of their Athens, Georgia, compatriots, R.E.M. and the B-52s, their influence on the city’s music scene, and beyond, was significant. R.E.M., for example, regularly cited Pylon as an influence on their music, and when in 1987 Rolling Stone magazine named R.E.M. “America’s Best Band,” drummer the band argued that the honour should belong to Pylon, even although the group had disbanded four years earlier. They have also been a clear influence on a generation of newer bands, such as Deerhunter, for example, who happily admit to their liking of the Pylon sound and aesthetic.

My Top 10 Punk and Post-punk Songs of 2018


In Alphabetical Order:

Bruised – Psychic Stain (Digital-only release)

Hairband – Bubble Sword

Helter Skelter – I Need You (Re-release of 1971 single)

Thurston Moore – MX Liberty

Pentas – Safety Blanket (Digital-only release)

P.M.S. – Cocaine Cunt

Public Practice – Fate/Glory

Shame – One Rizla

Squid – The Dial

Well Yells – Crawl (Cassette-only release)




My Top 20 Electronic and Dance Records of 2018


In alphabetical order:

Alessandro Adriani – He Who Harnesses the Souls

Altin Gün – Cemalin

Assailants – Effort 7

Bo’ vel – Check 4 U (re-release of 1996 recording)

Claude – Future

Marie Davidson – Burn Me

DJ Oil – Heritage

Dwart – Taipei Disco

Factory Floor – Wonder

Giant Swan – The Rest of His Voice

Catherine Christer Hennix – The Well-tuned Marimba (re-release of 1976 recording)

KWC 92 – Night Drive (re-release of 2013 recording)

Love Hrtz – Classic Case

Mint Field – Quiero Otono de Nuevo

Doris Norton – Warszawar (re-issue of 1983 album)

Oneohtrix Point Never – Last Known Image of a Song

Paranoid London – The Boombox Affair

Talking Drums – Courage (re-release of 1982 album)

Gloria Ann Taylor – Deep Inside of You (re-issue of 1973 recording)

Throwing Snow – Simmer

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