#21 Can – Paperhouse (1971)

I’m posting this as a tribute to Holger Czukay, co-founder and bassist of Can, whose death at the age of 79 was announced today. Can were in the vanguard of a 1970s musical movement in Germany, rather pejoratively dubbed “Krautrock” by the Western musical press, (why have we never come up with a better name than this?), which melded atonal and repetitive rock rhythms with psychedelic, jazz and electronic compositions. Alongside bands including Amon Duul, Ash Ra Temple, Neu!, Faust and Tangerine Dream, Can ushered in a new and exciting period for German, and indeed world, music in the 70s. After a period of study under avant garde composer Karlheinz Stockhausen in the early 1960s, Czukay played on nine of Can’s albums, including their highly-rated Tago Mago and Ege Bamyasi albums, before leaving the band in 1977 to go solo. This track, Paperhouse, is from the 1971 Tago Mago album, and showcases krautrock’s musical style perfectly. RIP.


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